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Our Mission is to improve Economy of Pakistan and Pakistanis.


Pakistan is passing through its worst financial disaster. A large number of Pakistani population, specially those who earn their bread on daily basis are facing most tough time of their lives. Among these miserable people those who are hiding their heads in houses on rent and have someone in their family with some severe disease are even more deserving for help.

In the Light of ISLAM

We normally listen from religious scholars that Islam provides guidance to people in every condition.So, the question is that what solution Islam puts in front of us in order to remove poverty and misery of our society in such critical condition, while Politicians, bureaucracy, administration and judiciary all have their own preferences instead of poverty elimination.

In the life of our last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) we see much worst financial disaster on the occasion of migration to Madinah. When hundreds of migrant families were homeless, jobless and had no money on them to do any business, except a few. But such big financial disaster was finished in single day when Holy Prophet (PBUH) made brothers to Ansar (The Muslims of Madinah) and Muhajreen  (The Migrants from Makkah). One family of Ansar supported to a family of Muhajreen. And in single day nobody was homeless, jobless or without food. This sunnah of “Muakhat” is a tower of light for all mankind facing financial disaster.

We have started a movement of “Muakhat” to support deserving families. We request you to support an individual or a family to earn his own and better income through honourable means. If one family cannot afford to support one deserving family then two, three or even ten or more families in a colony can join and support one family of their own colony or village by their Zakat and Ushr.


 We prefer two things for doners.

  1. Support the needy ones living closer to you in your area.
  2. Support them in such a way that they should be able to earn their own bread instead of becoming a permanent burden.

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