Founder's Massage

I have been observing from many years that condition of lower middle society in Pakistan is getting worse day by day.
People are committing suicides, adopting profession of begging or women are forced to compromise on their honor for only a few rupees.
We have two options here,
1. Wait for some miracle from sky,
2. Find the solution and work on that,
I chose 2nd option and started studying the economic system of Islam and it’s possible implementation in Pakistan in such a way that their should not be any clash with any person or department in Pakistan. It should be acceptable for everyone and it should be easy to implement for an individual on himself as well as for whole society.
From the life of Our Holy Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم Incident of “Muakhat-e-Madinah” is shockingly impressive for removal of poverty and financial crisis from a society.
Also our Islamic system of Ushr and Zakat is a gift of ALLAH (SWT) for humanity.
In the Islamic system, officers are appointed for Zakat & Ushr collection from public in specific area and is spent on deserving people of same area. Extra amount is sent to central Government.
In Muakhat system we request to those Muslims who are already paying their Zakat to make groups in one area and gather their Zakat at one place.
Then divide this amount in three parts,
1. One third of total should be paid to local Madrassah,
2. One third should be paid to those deserving people of their area who cannot earn their living, like widows, orphans or disabled or sick persons who have to support their families in form of monthly payment.
3. One third should be given to those people of that area who are jobless or have low income for small business or to improve their business.
In this way only 5 to 15 persons can join together to support one family of their area and take part in implementation of Islamic economic system as well as improve economy of Pakistan.
Second thing to support economy of Pakistan is to use products which are made in Pakistan. Soon I shall give you a good news about this.

Abu Saad Waqas Qamar